The Geeky Rabbit: March 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

true to color: Jewelmint Here to Eternity

Gosh, now I realize the difficulty that photographers have in taking photos for blog shops and online shops. It's such a challenging task to make sure that the images are true to color! It took me about twenty minutes to get a proper shot of my necklace, and here it is! The colors reflect the actual hue of the yellow and rose gold, but is subjected to the monitor's resolution. I am soooo in love with this necklace!

I am still trying to solve the issue of the twisted chains... gotta try my various solutions and see how they work! My other Jewelmint goodies should be on my way to me and probably will reach me on Monday, so shall review them once they arrive!

Friday, March 30, 2012

a closet must-have: glittery silver blazer

Recently, I picked up a glittery silver blazer from H&M. The spring collection was just out. However, there was only one piece of the blazer left when I was in the store. I was so pleased to get the last piece!

The blazer was featured in the advertisement for the spring color-blocking pants. I have always been a huge fan of blazers. The shiny material was very soft and comfortable, but it looks very polished. It's great for a night out, but it's also suitable for school or work when paired with a dress. For the price, it was a good investment and I'm sure I can get a great wear out of it! All the images here are from the H&M website.

Jewelmint Here to Eternity- Day 1

I decided to wear my Jewelmint Here to Eternity necklace out today. I paired it with my Laura Ashley x Uniqlo top for a more feminine, dainty look.

The necklace felt rather comfortable, and looks quite quaint. I chose to wear the necklace at its shortest length (about 16 inches) so that the three charms are visible from the neckline of my top.

However, one of my gripes about the necklace is the fact that it is three-stranded. This causes the necklace to tangle very easily on one side, and the necklace would look very messy. The attachment of the three chains are all connected to a single jumpring, hence the chains are all clustered together at the back. The pendants and charms are all very light, causing the necklace to shift very easily.

Since it is a dainty necklace, I feel that it is best worn when one is mainly sedentary. I wouldn't recommend it if you intend to run around- the entire configuration of the necklace would be messed up!

I'm actually planning to deconstruct the necklace a bit- the engineer in me is beckoning! Since one of the main problem is due to the single jumpring holding 3 chains, I'd be switching the jumpring to a bar connectior. This way, the chains would be separated from each other and can hang down on their own. Not a bad idea, right? I'll be picking up the connector from the local craft shop later. Such connectors are often used for multi-strand jewellery, so it will probably work better. In addition, I think using multiple jumprings or twisting wires into loops to connect the chains would work as well.

Will see how my improvisation goes! Love the look, and hope the necklace will stay in place for the rest of the day.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

my first jewelmint- here to eternity

This shall be a pretty photo-filled post! I am absolutely excited to share about my first Jewelmint purchase.

Jewelmint is a subscription-based website where members got to select one piece of jewellery each month. The styles were allocated based on a fashion quiz that one would take when signing up for the website. New designs were released periodically, and the classic ones are always sold out!

Jewelmint currently ships only to Unites States and Canada. Fortunately, I managed to lay my hands on a piece that I've wanted for the longest time. I first saw this necklace on youtube. It was reviewed by many fashion and beauty gurus like bebexo, raeview and hollyanaree. The necklace looks really, really pretty in the videos and promo photos.

Image from jewelmint. Isn't it gorgeous?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trying out China Glaze Magnetix

Every year, there would be some crazy nail polish trend. I remember vividly that when Black Shatter from OPI was released as part of the Katy Perry collection, there was a mad rush to get the exclusive limited edition polish and it was sold out everywhere. I managed to pick it up from my regular nailcare supplier.

This year, the trend seems to me on magnetic nail polish. I bought the China Glaze Magnetix set at a pretty good deal. The polish and magnet were sold separately, but I liked how you could have different designs with the multi-magnet. There were a couple of hues, but I personally wanted to try something different from what I usually wear, so I chose the green hue.

The magnet was really fun to play with! However, since my nails are rather huge, merely placing the magnet over my nails isn't sufficient. I had to roll the magnet around so that the field strength will be able to reach the sides. The most troublesome one was my thumb, as the nails are naturally larger than the rest.

I would advice anyone using this polish to use base coat first. I tried both with and without base coat, and realized that the polish went on too thickly without basecoat and looks rather streaky. The spread was much more even when I used my Sally Hansen base coat. One coat of magnet polish was sufficient for the design and colour to show.

Overall it was pretty fun, but I found it a bit of a hassle to keep placing the magnet over each nail separately. 3-4 seconds was enough to make the design appear, but do take note that you need to be extremely careful not to scratch the polish with the magnet by mistake! This is something fun and was a pretty good way for me to unwind from work. For the time being, I probably won't pick up any more of the magnetix polish until I finish this bottle. And from the looks of it, since one coat is enough, I believe it will last a long, long time!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

metal hair cuffs

One of the latest trend that has caught up these days is hair cuffs! I first knew about it after learning about the hair cuffs selling out at H&M worldwide.

As seen on the h&m website, the hair cuffs are definitely not expensive. It's an extremely versatile hair accessory! I didn't manage to get it at the local h&m boutique, so I decided to order it on ebay. Took about 1 week for it to arrive. The price was slightly higher due to the delivery charges, but as you can tell from the photo at the top of this post, the hair cuff is identical to the h&m on!

I personally love how the hair cuff looks, as it instantly makes me look for polished and fresh. It can be used on both casual and formal days, and I think it goes pretty well with my suits too. The gold and silver one are both very pretty against my black hair.

As for quality, the ones that I got off ebay seem to be decently well-made. I can't compare to the 'original' ones offered by H&M as I've never seen those in real life. I'm gonna try out the ones that I got and see how they hold up, so far so good! If there are any problems I will definitely take note. I wouldn't mind getting more of these in the near future!

Coach for CanCam scrunchie

I picked up the May 2012 issue of CanCam magazine earlier this weekend. It was launched over the past week (released 22 March) and I managed to get a copy.

There was a complementary Coach scrunchie with this issue, along with a satin drawstring pouch.

The packaging of the scrunchie was really cheerful and cute! Since it's spring in the northern hemisphere (hence Japan), the colours were all pastel and spring-ish. The box was very cute too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the boons and banes of having an extremely tiny thumb drive

Remember the good old days when 128MB Trek thumb drives were the coolest thing to bring to the computer lab class? (If you don't remember that... then you're probably very young!) Back in the days when ZIP disks were the best bet to transport large documents, size wasn't so much of a concern for portable storage mediums.

However, these days, the thumb drives are getting smaller and smaller! I do appreciate the convenience of having a tiny thumb drive. It can fit easily into the coin compartment of my wallet, or tucked neatly into my card case. I can also choose to hook it onto my lanyard without adding much weight to the neck.

But these conveniences are what that makes me more worried about losing my thumb drive. Granted that it is so nifty, I'm always afraid of losing it. I'm extra cautious when I'm using it on shared computers or public ones, and have to make sure I don't leave it behind by mistake. I take extra care to ensure that the tiny piece of plastic doesn't fall out from my bag pocket (or wherever it is stashed).

My solution now? Attaching an extremely large keychain to it. I know it defeats the purpose of having a small thumb drive, but it does give me a greater sense of security knowing that my thumb drive is there by glancing into my bag.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Infinity Scarf

I decided to cut up some of the knitted sequin fabric that I purchased last week and make a simple infinity scarf. There is a lot of rage on the infinity scarf going on right now. I decided to make one since I don't own any infinity scarf. Basically, an infinity scarf (also known as a circle/loop scarf, depending on how you want to call it) is a scarf that has no loose ends. The 'tail' of the scarf would be joined, hence the term 'infinity' kicks in. A scarf with no end!

I used 45cm of the fabric, and this accounts for the width. The length of the fabric is about 150 cm. After sewing the scarf ends together, my infinity scarf is completed! Simple as that. The sequins gives the scarf a more polished and refined look. I did not hem the edges of the fabric as it did not show any signs of fraying.

Look at the pretty sequins!

I love how the scarf would go with anything, and given the thin nature of the knit fabric I bought, it would not be to stifling to use it both indoors and outdoors.

I actually am quite a scarf person, so I'm considering doing up a post on the types of scarf I have and the different ways scarfs can be used. Shall mill over this thought! One of my favorite scarf tutorial is by wendy's lookbook and it can be found easily on youtube. 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes! It's definitely something that I turn to on the mornings when I run out of fashion inspiration.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Styling the beaded collar

I've got a beaded collar with a felt base that has not been used. It's kinda uncomfortable to wear it on its own, hence I've not really worn it much. It looks too pretty to be left alone, so I've decided to do some DIY-ing to make use of it!

I picked up some beaded knitted fabric in brown at my regular fabric store. I've got a rough idea of what I want to make. Got inspired by the korean fashion trend, so what I'm aiming for is a knitted top. I may not have enough fabric to make long sleeves, so for now I'll stick to a vest or jersey.

[edit: photos were removed as they are no longer available on the shopping site]

Hope it will turn out well!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

beaded collar

I picked up a beaded collar last week. It can also be deemed as a necklace, but since the collar craze is all the rage, I shall refer to it as a collar.

This is how the collar looks like! I decided to pair it with a simple black collared shirt, and the effect looks pretty lovely. I think the collar would go with dresses too. However, since the collar is white, I won't be wearing it with white shirts. All the collars that I own are, by coincidence, white, and I haven't worn them with white yet. I like how it can contrast with other fabrics and textures, so pairing it with the same color defeats that purpose.

I think the beaded collar would go great with dresses too. When I was at the shop, there were actually two variants of the same collar. The one I got is stringed with cotton thread, while there's another version that has the pearls stringed with nylon thread (also known as fishing line). I personally prefer the cotton thread one as the beads fall down more nicely. The nylon one is much stiffer and structured. Perhaps there would be others who prefer that sort of look!

Looking forward to more pairings with the collars!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a dash of cereals and chocolate

Had a pretty long day, plus it was raining so I was feeling extremely lethargic. I decided to try out a new brand of yogurt. I must confess that I am usually not really into yogurt. In the past, I probably drank too much yam-flavoured yogurt; after weening myself away from yogurt for years, this is the first time I'm trying this particular brand!

The brand is called Sogurt, and it has been around for some time. I just never got around to buy the yogurt, and the shop is usually filled with teens, tweens and kids. It was empty today probably owing to the downpour, hence I decided to get a healthy snack there.

I picked three flavors - mango/pineapple, strawberry and green apple. The toppings I chose were white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, cereals and a dash of Hershey's chocolate sauce mixed with condense milk. It was a pretty delightful treat, and I like how the yogurt is not overwhelmingly sour or sweet. There's enough fruity flavor, yet not too cloying. Prety good indeed!

However, my only gripe is that there's only two sizes of cup available, both of which are pretty huge! It'd be great if they had an even smaller one, so that those who want to get less yogurt need not use such a big cup. As you can see from the photo, the cup is HUGE on my palms. And I indeed don't have small palms.

I think it's a good idea to let the customers mix the yogurt according to their own fancy. I took a bit too much of the green apple, should have tried the three other flavors available. But there's always a next time!

Will go back to try more flavors indeed!

Monday, March 12, 2012

why everyone should own a belt hole punch

I recently picked up an extremely useful tool that looks something like this:

Different people have different names for this. It is commonly known as a leather whole punch(er), or belt hole punch(er). I picked this up at my local hardware store. It can be easily found at any hardware store, or even on ebay. Such tools are not extremely expensive either. I managed to get mine for around US$ 4. It was definitely a good deal and I hope that the metal does not rust! So far there are no visible tarnishing, and the entire plier-like handle bars are holding up well.

I had always been using my trusty round-nose pliers and wire cutters to pierce and pinch out holes for my belt. This method worked extremely well. It still does. However, I got a rather pricey belt off ebay (it was a great deal, perhaps I shall share about the belt someday) and wanted to add more holes. I had gotten the belt in a size larger than my usual on intention, just in case the sizing was off. Isn't it safer to have a larger belt than a tight one?

Anyway, I couldn't bear to use my pliers on the belt as it was in white leather, so I decided to head down to the hardware store to get a hole puncher.

It was really a great investment! It made belt-holes so convenient to punch, and I don't have to bring my old belts down to boutiques to get them corrected. I can just correct the size of my belts, and they work pretty well as long as the leather isn't extremely thick. So far, no problems with any of the materials. It works for leather, PVC and even the vinyl rolls that I use for some of my projects.

Anyone who has a decent collection of belts should invest in a belt hole punch. I'm still thinking of other ways to make use of this tool, and I'm sure it can serve other purposes around the house too.

Blog design finally done!

Took me several hours of coding and photoshopping, and my design is finally done! Feeling pretty pleased with the overall look and design. I've used generic butterfly and bunny vectors for the background and icons. I'm more into the organized, structured and geometric look (probably owing to my training and specialization in mathematics)- hence the design. Shall be spicing up things here and there when I can. I realized that my html and javascript skills have rusted so much over the years of inactivity! It feels nice to pick up web coding once again. Such syntax is definitely different from the usual type of coding. Needs time to pick it up again.

But hey, when there's a will, there's always a way!

Gonna explore more interesting stuff for this website... but till then, I shall not corrupt my template coding.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Starbucks tumbler craze

The new Starbucks tumblers for the season have just been released, and I managed to get two of them! Didn't get the metal ones as I wasn't so into the design. The metal ones for Spring 2012 look rather blah. Instead, I picked up two of the plastic Starbucks tumbler for the sakura collection.

A comparison between the 2012 and 2011 tumblers... the design for the 2012 tumbler is definitely more plain, as it is modeled after the actual coffee cup. This type of tumbler and cup design is all the rage now. I've seen countless ceramic ones shaped like a paper cup, including those from Lock and Lock. The 2011 design is definitely more loud and flashy, with the gold outline. Shape-wise, 2011 tumbler does feel better in the hands.

The 2012 one seems kinda hard to wash, with the cap being shaped like the actual coffee cup. The opening to drink from is tiny!

Nonetheless, I still like the tumbler. Looks great on my workspace, and it's simple yet alluring. Shall review the other tumbler soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First post up!

Always thought of starting a blog... but as always, never really got around to! There's always the excuse (created mainly by myself, of course) that I am too busy, too cooped up with work, too bored/boring. Enough of the pretexts, I shall start one today!

I guess there isn't any significance or sentiments to this particular date in my living history... but, well, today is the day that I decide to start my blog!


I've always pride myself as a geek (perhaps a self-acclaimed and professed one, hopefully recognized in future). But that makes me different from most other geeks is that I'm not a guy (as with all the typical geek stereotypes), and a fashionable one too. Hence this will be where I let my creative juices flow and exercise my crafty skills and geeky knowledge. It's always good to have some experience in hardware!

Till then, hello again!