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Thursday, March 15, 2012

beaded collar

I picked up a beaded collar last week. It can also be deemed as a necklace, but since the collar craze is all the rage, I shall refer to it as a collar.

This is how the collar looks like! I decided to pair it with a simple black collared shirt, and the effect looks pretty lovely. I think the collar would go with dresses too. However, since the collar is white, I won't be wearing it with white shirts. All the collars that I own are, by coincidence, white, and I haven't worn them with white yet. I like how it can contrast with other fabrics and textures, so pairing it with the same color defeats that purpose.

I think the beaded collar would go great with dresses too. When I was at the shop, there were actually two variants of the same collar. The one I got is stringed with cotton thread, while there's another version that has the pearls stringed with nylon thread (also known as fishing line). I personally prefer the cotton thread one as the beads fall down more nicely. The nylon one is much stiffer and structured. Perhaps there would be others who prefer that sort of look!

Looking forward to more pairings with the collars!

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