The Geeky Rabbit: the boons and banes of having an extremely tiny thumb drive

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the boons and banes of having an extremely tiny thumb drive

Remember the good old days when 128MB Trek thumb drives were the coolest thing to bring to the computer lab class? (If you don't remember that... then you're probably very young!) Back in the days when ZIP disks were the best bet to transport large documents, size wasn't so much of a concern for portable storage mediums.

However, these days, the thumb drives are getting smaller and smaller! I do appreciate the convenience of having a tiny thumb drive. It can fit easily into the coin compartment of my wallet, or tucked neatly into my card case. I can also choose to hook it onto my lanyard without adding much weight to the neck.

But these conveniences are what that makes me more worried about losing my thumb drive. Granted that it is so nifty, I'm always afraid of losing it. I'm extra cautious when I'm using it on shared computers or public ones, and have to make sure I don't leave it behind by mistake. I take extra care to ensure that the tiny piece of plastic doesn't fall out from my bag pocket (or wherever it is stashed).

My solution now? Attaching an extremely large keychain to it. I know it defeats the purpose of having a small thumb drive, but it does give me a greater sense of security knowing that my thumb drive is there by glancing into my bag.

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