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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coach for CanCam scrunchie

I picked up the May 2012 issue of CanCam magazine earlier this weekend. It was launched over the past week (released 22 March) and I managed to get a copy.

There was a complementary Coach scrunchie with this issue, along with a satin drawstring pouch.

The packaging of the scrunchie was really cheerful and cute! Since it's spring in the northern hemisphere (hence Japan), the colours were all pastel and spring-ish. The box was very cute too!

I like the spring look of the scrunchie. The logo is not too loud or "out-there", hence it suits my fashion taste. I have shoulder-length to long hair, so my hair is often either half-up or in a ponytail. The satin nature of the scrunchie makes it rather slippery, so I wouldn't recommend using this when working out or running. It's more suitable for a leisurely weekend outing.

The satin pouch reminds me of the one I got when I purchased the Coach Poppy twilly scarf. However, the one given at the Coach boutique is slightly larger. The fabric was beige instead of pink, and the drawstring was brown. The one can be used to store the scrunchie, though I would be using this to hold my Coach jewellery pouch that I got a few weeks back!

As you can see, I am quite a fan of Coach. I've a few of the limited edition items from the Japanese magazines. In the past, there were a few scarves, pouches, fan and even a poncho. I have a Coach Poppy twilly from the regular collection, as well as their signature print lanyard and pill case. I love the more discrete prints that they offer. I am not so much into the loud logos, so some of their regular products are not really suitable for me. I do not own any Coach bags though. Overall I have a good impression of the brand, though I find the price grossly inflated if the items are purchased out of the US.

In my past experience, I've purchased items off ebay, as well as from the boutiques in my city. If the items are purchased online, I do advice readers to be careful as there can be many knock-offs floating around online. Do buy with caution!

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