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Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Infinity Scarf

I decided to cut up some of the knitted sequin fabric that I purchased last week and make a simple infinity scarf. There is a lot of rage on the infinity scarf going on right now. I decided to make one since I don't own any infinity scarf. Basically, an infinity scarf (also known as a circle/loop scarf, depending on how you want to call it) is a scarf that has no loose ends. The 'tail' of the scarf would be joined, hence the term 'infinity' kicks in. A scarf with no end!

I used 45cm of the fabric, and this accounts for the width. The length of the fabric is about 150 cm. After sewing the scarf ends together, my infinity scarf is completed! Simple as that. The sequins gives the scarf a more polished and refined look. I did not hem the edges of the fabric as it did not show any signs of fraying.

Look at the pretty sequins!

I love how the scarf would go with anything, and given the thin nature of the knit fabric I bought, it would not be to stifling to use it both indoors and outdoors.

I actually am quite a scarf person, so I'm considering doing up a post on the types of scarf I have and the different ways scarfs can be used. Shall mill over this thought! One of my favorite scarf tutorial is by wendy's lookbook and it can be found easily on youtube. 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes! It's definitely something that I turn to on the mornings when I run out of fashion inspiration.

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