The Geeky Rabbit: First post up!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First post up!

Always thought of starting a blog... but as always, never really got around to! There's always the excuse (created mainly by myself, of course) that I am too busy, too cooped up with work, too bored/boring. Enough of the pretexts, I shall start one today!

I guess there isn't any significance or sentiments to this particular date in my living history... but, well, today is the day that I decide to start my blog!


I've always pride myself as a geek (perhaps a self-acclaimed and professed one, hopefully recognized in future). But that makes me different from most other geeks is that I'm not a guy (as with all the typical geek stereotypes), and a fashionable one too. Hence this will be where I let my creative juices flow and exercise my crafty skills and geeky knowledge. It's always good to have some experience in hardware!

Till then, hello again!


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