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Sunday, March 25, 2012

metal hair cuffs

One of the latest trend that has caught up these days is hair cuffs! I first knew about it after learning about the hair cuffs selling out at H&M worldwide.

As seen on the h&m website, the hair cuffs are definitely not expensive. It's an extremely versatile hair accessory! I didn't manage to get it at the local h&m boutique, so I decided to order it on ebay. Took about 1 week for it to arrive. The price was slightly higher due to the delivery charges, but as you can tell from the photo at the top of this post, the hair cuff is identical to the h&m on!

I personally love how the hair cuff looks, as it instantly makes me look for polished and fresh. It can be used on both casual and formal days, and I think it goes pretty well with my suits too. The gold and silver one are both very pretty against my black hair.

As for quality, the ones that I got off ebay seem to be decently well-made. I can't compare to the 'original' ones offered by H&M as I've never seen those in real life. I'm gonna try out the ones that I got and see how they hold up, so far so good! If there are any problems I will definitely take note. I wouldn't mind getting more of these in the near future!

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