The Geeky Rabbit: why everyone should own a belt hole punch

Monday, March 12, 2012

why everyone should own a belt hole punch

I recently picked up an extremely useful tool that looks something like this:

Different people have different names for this. It is commonly known as a leather whole punch(er), or belt hole punch(er). I picked this up at my local hardware store. It can be easily found at any hardware store, or even on ebay. Such tools are not extremely expensive either. I managed to get mine for around US$ 4. It was definitely a good deal and I hope that the metal does not rust! So far there are no visible tarnishing, and the entire plier-like handle bars are holding up well.

I had always been using my trusty round-nose pliers and wire cutters to pierce and pinch out holes for my belt. This method worked extremely well. It still does. However, I got a rather pricey belt off ebay (it was a great deal, perhaps I shall share about the belt someday) and wanted to add more holes. I had gotten the belt in a size larger than my usual on intention, just in case the sizing was off. Isn't it safer to have a larger belt than a tight one?

Anyway, I couldn't bear to use my pliers on the belt as it was in white leather, so I decided to head down to the hardware store to get a hole puncher.

It was really a great investment! It made belt-holes so convenient to punch, and I don't have to bring my old belts down to boutiques to get them corrected. I can just correct the size of my belts, and they work pretty well as long as the leather isn't extremely thick. So far, no problems with any of the materials. It works for leather, PVC and even the vinyl rolls that I use for some of my projects.

Anyone who has a decent collection of belts should invest in a belt hole punch. I'm still thinking of other ways to make use of this tool, and I'm sure it can serve other purposes around the house too.

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