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Friday, April 6, 2012

Anna Sui Spring 2012 Collection Mook

I was throughly excited to pick up the Anna Sui Mook, which was released yesterday (the Japan date was earlier, on April 2).

I've always loved the quirky Japanese mooks for their great catalogues and items. I can read a bit of Japanese, but not enough to understand all the articles. Learning Japanese is one of my lifelong goals that I wish to fulfill someday! The fashion is very inspiring, and the designers are extremely bold and creative.

I got hold of the mook (a.k.a magazine-book). It is quite pricey, and the price has gone up quite a bit as compared to the Anna Sui mook from 2011. Probably due to currency conversion and inflation!

The best part of the mook is the pouch that it comes with. Check out the little preview at the top right corner of the mook cover!

The case is quite large, and I love how it can be used as a bag organizer. Currently I use multiple makeup pouches to store and categorize the stuff in my bag. The best part is that the clear case on one of the side pockets can fit an i-pad! This is definitely a plus point, as I haven't seen a similar ipad case elsewhere.

shown here with the 2010/2011 tote bag

And check out the price!

Some preview for the Spring 2012 collection! Love the seal ring, totally reminds me of Mamegoma san, which is one of my favorite cartoon characters besides Hello Kitty. I have such a huge stash of Mamegoma stationery and plushies!

Spring layering! Interesting fashion and DIY inspirations can be drawn from the mook.

TUMI for Anna Sui laptop case. Looks quite pretty, and Tumi's a reputable brand for luggages. Definitely worth checking out, though I wonder if it will be available in Tumi boutiques outside Japan?

I have always been a huge fan of Anna Sui. I love the geometric prints and gothic nature of the designs. I personally have the complete set of Anna Sui (and inspired) dresser decor and containers. Quite a collection, about 10 different items! It was accrued over the past years and they now house my jewellery, makeup and keepsakes proudly on my dresser. I don't have any Anna Sui apparel, though I have an Anna Sui Belt (was a gift from years back). I also wear the Anna Sui for Hush Puppies shoes. I've been to one of the Anna Sui boutiques, and the experience was really inspiring! The decor was amazing, and the concept was a blend of dark, edgy yet sweet. Never got anything though, as the items are very expensive outside Japan.

Haven't had any upcoming mooks that caught my attention. I refrain from buying mooks with totes as I don't need more bags. I can only use 3 bags max- one is my regular handbag, the next is for groceries and shopping and the last will be for my documents and laptop. I certainly can live without a new bag for the moment, so no more mooks for the next few weeks!

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