The Geeky Rabbit: Hello Kitty Bento madness

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Bento madness

Something that I've been into lately- though not very good at making cute food!

Been trying out some of the bento tools that I bought off Eb@y some time back, and I must say it sure looks much easier than it really is. The photo above shows a sandwich maker. From the youtube videos and craft blog reviews making cute food looks like a breeze, but I struggle to make a decent-looking Hello Kitty sandwich! Half the time my Kitty face just crumble into a mangled mess of choc powder.

Thank goodness I only got a few tools, was actually pretty tempted to get more to save on postage! I need to perfect my culinary and crafty skills before I try the more adventurous and harder bento stuff.

Food takes my mind of work and is a good way to relax. Having cute Hello Kitty food is a bonus! Can't get enough of the mouthless feline.

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