The Geeky Rabbit: Hello Kitty lucky charm

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello Kitty lucky charm

I love all things Hello Kitty, and when it comes to Hello Kitty and bunnies, how can I say no? I picked up a cute Hello Kitty bunny lucky charm recently. It's meant for the Rabbit Year, which was the previous year according to the Chinese calendar. I'm guessing the charm was an old stock, but nonetheless I was quite happy to find this among the heaps of knick knacks when I was sifting through trinkets at a little flea store.

I have a particular affinity to Rabbit items, and I adore this charm very much! The hexagonal cylinder is actually a bell, and has the Rabbit Hello Kitty printed on it as well. It says "招福", which translates to "welcome prosperity". It's a really cute good luck charm from Japan. Even the little white sack that Hello Kitty is carrying says the same word. The word 卯, as seen on the paper tag, actually refers to the Rabbit year.

The keychain is quite large, so I'm hesitant to hang it on my mobile phone as a charm. I'm still thinking of a good place to hang this- one where it will not be man-handled and scratched. My key ring which dangles off my daily lanyard is a good place, but there's already a bunch of stuff there so I need to find a new way to rearrange my goodies!


saltvinegar said...

OMG this is so cute!! with auspicious stuff dangling off it too! Nice :)

The Geeky Rabbit said...

Yup there was two versions, one without the bell thing at the bottom and this one! It's a bit heavy though so for now I'm just hanging on my bookstand.