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Monday, April 2, 2012

Jewelmint Here to Eternity- Modification

I managed to modify the necklace over the weekend, and this is how it looks like!

I used thin 24 gauge stainless steel wires to prevent the parts from tarnishing and to avoid having sacrificial protection happening. I stand by the firm belief of not mixing metals in general, especially if I do not know the exact type of metal and the source just in case sacrificial protection happens. According to chemistry, the more easily-corroded metal will be sacrificed with respect to the more inert metals and tarnish first. As such, it's better not to mix metals lest you risk having parts rusting or tarnishing. Stainless steel or surgical steel are generally inert, hence I usually stick to those.

I did a simple four way loop to separate the chains and the extension for one end of the necklace. For the lobster clasp, I did the same thing too, and attached the chains in the same order that they are supposed to be in- gold, rose gold then gold.

I would say that doing this actually helps the necklace stay in place greatly. I don't have the issue of the twisted chains anymore. The only issue is that the necklace is naturally longer now due to the extra length added by the steel wires, so if this is a call for concern (if you prefer shorter necklaces) I would suggest trimming the chains slightly with a wire-cutter. I wasn't particularly inclined to cut the chains as I preferred to keep my jewellery in their original length, albeit with the alteration, so I didn't remove any parts.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the modification and how it turned out. It really makes the necklace more motion-friendly, and not just a great piece for display! I am a naturally active person, thus having accessories that feel and look good on me when I'm out and about is an important factor that I'd consider before getting any pieces. For the Jewelmint stuff I don't have a chance to try or see them in person before getting them, so it's up to my nifty crafty mind to solve the problems.

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