The Geeky Rabbit: Refashioning my Versace x H&M bag

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Refashioning my Versace x H&M bag

UPDATE: Anna Dello Russo for H&M earring and necklace

I love the look of handbags with chains, but sometimes it isn't the most comfortable option. I personally own the Versace for H&M handbags that come with round-linked chain handles. While it is really edgy and unique, the handle is a pain to hold. The links can sometimes clip the palms. In addition, in the humid tropical weather, sweaty palms would make the handle a hassle to carry. It's slippery and painful, especially if the bag is heavy! Moreover, there was one shopping incident when I was out and one of the bag links opened up and the chain became disconnected. Lucky for me, I always tote around a multi-way plier so I managed to fix the chain swiftly.

I absolutely adore the Versace for H&M large handbag, and want to use it on the regular basis. I decided to do some DIY changes. I bought a belt from the thrift store- it's those so-called "pasar-malam" shops that we fondly refer to. I picked up three of the belts for $10, which was reasonable. The belt I selected were black with bronze buckle and details, and the width fitted the handle loop perfectly.

looping the belt through handle loop as shown

The pretty handle details matches the gold hardware of the bag!

I slipped the belt through the two metal handle loops, and fastened it like how one would fasten a normal belt. Viola! That's about all that I have to do. Now I can carry the bag with a short handle by folding the belt at the side, or as a sling bag if I pull the loop inwards.

with longer handle

Overall, I am very pleased with the bag now. It's comfortable to use and versatile too. Love the charms on the bag, it's edgy yet not too OTT. I adore the stuff from the Versace for H&M collection. Most of the clothes are not meant for daily wear and are not my style, but I am totally for the accessories. Adds a touch of raw funk to the outfit! Usually, I like to pair my more edgy accessories with classic looking tops and dresses. Juxtaposing is an interesting concept, and I don't really like to wear items from the same type of 'look'. Maybe it's just the mix of the engineer and glam girl in me that attributes to such a mish-mash taste!

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