The Geeky Rabbit: Spicing up a plain white dress shirt

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spicing up a plain white dress shirt

I've always loved the look of ruffled collar, and how it adds glamor and class to an otherwise plain outfit. One of my favorite ways to dress up a plain suit is by wearing a frilly dress shirt. Isn't the one above apt?

Alas, it isn't actually the original collar! The real deal looks like this:

I actually added on a lace collar to the otherwise plain top! I recently picked up several lace and crochet collars in various designs and colors. Cant wait to wear them and try out different pairings. This one, as shown with my trusty white (now slightly grey due to age) Esprit shirt, is a white lace collar.

The back part of the collar is decorated too! Just look at how detailed it is.

All the buttons of the collar are fully functional, though I don't really see the point of unbuttoning the pleats. Will look pretty weird and unkempt!

More lace galore! Just look at the pretty flowers:

I like how the end spreads out, just like a pair of butterfly wings. Girly, gentle and classy.

The end holds a tiny safety pin to hold down the collar to prevent it from flapping around. Personally, I don't think one safety pin is sufficient. I'll probably pin a few towards the top of the collar to make sure that the collar doesn't shift around during my daily routines.

The lacey collar is definitely a far cry from the studs and skulls that I had posted with the previous outfit pairing. Nonetheless, I love the frills! It may be too frou-frou for some, but not for me. The best part is that the collar is very light and thin, thus it's great for travel. I can also stash it in my handbag and pin it on if I have a sudden need for a more formal outfit. One can never know when such emergencies will happen! The other collars I picked up are slightly different. In fact, the other two are black and comes with crocheting details. I'll do a review next week, when all the craziness in my life pass! 

Moreover, I just realized that the blog layout is not very organized, and somehow the background and images are not showing up properly. I'll be doing up a new template real soon, and can't wait to explore other html and javascript styles. It's been some time since I dabbled with coding, and I can't wait to get back into that!

Now, on with work! Happy weekend folks!

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