The Geeky Rabbit: another collar combination

Monday, May 28, 2012

another collar combination

Can't get enough of collars, and this is yet another one that's very similar to the Marni for H&M one that was released in March! (Which, of course, I failed to get because it was sold out so quickly). I paired the black "scaled" one with a black top. Simple, nice and it blends in well with the whole outfit. Black in different textures- cotton, velvet and pvc. A nice juxtaposition! 

One of the difficulties that I face wearing collars is how to keep them in place. Due to the airy and light nature of most of the collars available, they can move easily and go out of place. This is especially annoying if you're taking candid photos! Hence, in a later entry, I'll share some tips on how I keep the collar in position and prevent them from shifting around.

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