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Thursday, May 10, 2012

bag handle cover DIY

I was out and about the other day when I saw something quite interesting. A young lady was carrying a LV Speedy 25, and I noticed something different about it. She had a pretty little knitted bag handle cover for her speedy! It was extremely cute- beige with little cherrys, and went extremely well with the bag. I wasn't able to ask her where she got it as the mall was quite crowded. Nonetheless, the thought stuck in my mind.

I decided to do a bit of DIY! I can knit and crochet, but it is too time consuming. Instead, I used some brown satin and silk lining to make my own version of bag handles!

First up: a bag handle for my Longchamp Le Pliage briefcase. Before this project, I've always been using my H&M x Marni scarf to wrap the leather handles. I don't like to carry the bag on the handles in fear of scuffing it. I've already damaged one of my Samsonite briefcases and worn out the handle from frequent use. Hence, all my bags with leather handles are wrapped with scarfs! It's inspired buy the Hermes twillies.

I used plastic jacket zippers so that I can remove the zip easily from both ends. The handle is tiny, so it is quite difficult to sew! I must confess that this isn't the best sewing job, but for now it fits well and is pretty snug. I've even made one for my Samsonite briefcase.

I left some extra cloth at the side so that I can tie a small bow at the side. The brown satin matches the handle and flap perfectly.

Even the zip matches the leather! As you can see it's not exactly the best bag handle as it's the first one I'm making, but I'm quite pleased with the result and I'm sure future ones will be much better!

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