The Geeky Rabbit: getting a dose of Chanel-esque fashion

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

getting a dose of Chanel-esque fashion

I've been reading a lot about Uniqueen from fashion blogs such as Extrapetite and Wendy's Lookbook, and saw some comments on fashion forums about this blog shop. I decided to get a jacket for myself and see how the blazers are like.

I must say that it took me a long time to decide which tweed jacket to get. There are so many lovely designs that I'd love to own! However, since it's my first purchase, I thought it'd be safer to get one first before investing in more pieces.

After much contemplating, I settled for the No. 5 in black. I have two other tweed crop jackets in grey and green, so black was a safe option. The other color that I was tempted by was cream/white. It looks wonderful and very Chanel-eque, but I am afraid that it would get dirty easily. As the reviews had cautioned that the sizes run smaller than usual, I picked up the largest one available. I figured I can alter it smaller if it's too big, so it's safer. It'd be more troublesome if the blazer is too small to fit!

The package took 3 days to arrive after dispatching confirmation. It's very fast, and considering the international delivery, I must say the price for postage is reasonable. The item was sent by EMS, and it reached me safely. The owner was very helpful, and answered all my queries patiently. She also updated me with the package tracking details once it was sent out.

The jacket looks as good as shown on the website! Comes with a little "5" pin as well, since it's Chanel-inspired (hence named No. 5, aptly).

The front pockets are functional, and would fit a Blackberry bold very comfortably. Here, I've placed my pink Kate Spade Blackberry sleeve in the pocket to illustrate how big the pocket is. (My poor Blackberry sleeve is very tattered and worn from age as you can see, but I still adore it with all its pink-ness)

Overall, the material is very sturdy, hence I won't be worried about pinning brooches on the lapel. I tried attaching my vintage brooches onto the tweed, and it holds up well without bunching up or weighing down. It can be a bit warm for the tropical weather, so I'd probably wear it indoors. The only caveat for me is the length of the sleeve- it's way too long at 23.6 inches as shown in the product description, so I will probably shave  2 inches off myself over the next few days. 

Here's how it would look like with 2 inches of sleeve folded in. I think it would be more suitable!

I'm planning to wear it to attend a function over the weekend, so I'll post more outfit photos when I'm out and about. Can't wait to wear it out!

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