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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

H&M silver hair cuff- the real deal

Updated: DIY idea for hair cuff (H&M inspired) here

I previously featured metal hair cuffs here. I finally managed to get the real H&M metal hair cuffs this week! It was a really random find, had never expected to see it while I was out shopping for new swimwear (if you haven't seen the catalog, do check out the extensive range that H&M is offering this summer. The sizes are in a wide range so it's easy to find something that fits!).

The hair cuffs was discretely placed near the counter. I wouldn't usually pay attention to the products displayed in the area as they are often iPhone cases or keyrings and baubles. However, the queue was particularly long and the hair cuffs caught my eye.

It was reasonably prices, as shown previously. The price hasn't changed from then. I asked the sales assistant if there were any gold ones left, but the gold ones were apparently sold out some time back.

Here's a little comparison of the ones I got off ebay with the H&M ones! In terms of size, both measures up to be the same. The H&M one is slightly more well made as the metal is visibly more polished and reflective. Even the insides of the H&M one is more well-made! The rubber band used for the ebay one is thicker.
In terms of the overall feel and look, both are pretty much the same. They serve the same functionality and look identical from afar. Nonetheless, I'm very happy to finally find it in stores.

I now have a spare silver hair cuff! 

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