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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

juxtaposing at its best

Yet another DIY project! I decided to do a chain braid necklace- similar to the Jewelmint coachella-inspired piece, but this time I used rainbow thread!

The gradient of the thread can be seen in the photo. I love how the whole necklace looks! The colors are fresh and bright, yet not too over-powering or garish. It's a perfect combination for summer, and it'd go great with my summer togs.

It's a very versatile piece as it can be worn in many ways. since it's very long, I can knot it or drape it over my neck as a lariat. I can also twist it in half and use it as a choker. It can also be worn as a bracelet. This is definitely a great piece for layering as it can go with any color combination. The silky thread has hues and tones in blue, purple, green, yellow, orange and pink. A great palette indeed.

It's quite evident that I love to have accessories that can be used in many ways- and I love to mix up different materials and textures! The chains and thread gives a nice edgy contrast.

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