The Geeky Rabbit: keeping a pearl necklace in place

Sunday, May 20, 2012

keeping a pearl necklace in place

Pearls can add a demure and classy flair to any outfit. When overdone, it can look antiquated. However, if pearl strands are worn appropriately, the whole getup will become more stylish instantly.

I have different types of pearl strands, ranging from tiny pearls to huge ones and even strands with a mixture in sizes. For the pearls featured here, they are about 1.2mm in diameter- quite huge ones! The strand is very long at 5 feet in total. Hence, it is way too long to be worn on its own. I'd usually loop it around once or twice to shorten the strand.

However, one of my gripes is that the pearls keep sliding since they are extremely slippery. I don't like how the size of the pearl loops keep changing throughout the day, and sometimes when I am being photographed the pearl strands actually can look a tad messy. As such, I devised a nifty trick to keep the pearls in place- by using a safety pin!

I'd use the safety pin to secure the pearls at the position I want them to be. I'd usually put the necklace on first, then adjusting the strands into the loop sizes that I want. Subsequently, I'd slip the open safety pin through one section (in between four beads as shown) and secure it.

Large safety pins will not work for this if the pearls can slide easily through the hole on the pin. The point is to ensure that the pin is small enough so that once the position is fixed, the pin will not be shifting around. Hence, it'd be good to pick up smaller pins! I had quite a hard time finding really tiny ones, but managed to pick some up after hunting them down in the local mall and accessories shops.

Another option is to use spare lobster clasps to clip the pearls in place. A thin ribbon would also serve the same purpose. Alternatively, a small pin or brooch can be used too. However, this is not advised as the weight of the pin will tend to pull the necklace backwards, and cause the drape in front to look unnatural. 

No matter what tool is used, it is important to note that the tool must be easily removable so that the necklace can be comfortably removed or adjusted. This way, the lengths can be changed according to the occasion and outfit. Talk about versatility! 

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