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Sunday, May 20, 2012

knowing when to throw the makeup out

How many people actually take note of the expiry and effective usage period of their makeup? For me, I would check the labels if possible to ensure that the makeup I buy (or skincare) still have a long shelf life. Usually, if I'm not intending to use the product right away, I'll make sure that it has at least 2 years of validity. If the expiry date is not available as with many makeup brands, I'll look out for the manufacturing date and ensure that it is less than a year old.

However, there's another thing to take note of too. Even if the makeup has not expired, you can't use it forever. For most brands, there would be a little pot symbol with xM on the pot, as seen with the first photo. That actually represents how long the item will last AFTER it has been opened. For instance, the photo above shows the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit that I bought earlier in the week. The 6M indicated means that regardless of the expiry date, the primer included should be and has to be thrown out 6 months after it's first opened.

Yes, M stands for months!

As such, for this kit, the primer can last 6 months. The concealer and power can last 18 months (1.5 years) while the tinted moisturizer can last for 12 months (1 year).

I'm quite particular when it comes to the freshness of the stuff I put on my face, hence once the item starts to go bad or when the validity is passed, I would throw the item out. I wouldn't risk anything!

As mentioned, I just picked up the kit at the local Sephora. I've read lots of rave reviews on the tinted moisturizer, and since I was looking for translucent powder as well, I decided that it was quite worthwhile to get the kit. My Benefit Boing concealer is also hitting the pan, so the concealer in this kit comes just at the right time.

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