The Geeky Rabbit: making brooches out of Chanel camellias

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

making brooches out of Chanel camellias

I have a few of the iconic white camellias lying around on my dresser. I don't have much use of them so far, hence I decided to make brooches out of them!

I have two sizes of camellias, one slightly smaller than the other. I bought some brooch backings from the local craft superstore. They have various lengths of the pins. I decided to get the 19mm pins and 30mm pins for the bigger and smaller flowers. However, in the course of my DIY I realized that the 30mm one is sufficient for both flowers, hence the 19mm ones remain unused. Perhaps I shall keep them for other DIY projects in future!

Attaching the pins to the back of the flowers was an easy task. Since the 30mm pin already has a sticky backing, all I had to do was to peel off the paper and paste it onto the back of the camellias. Surprisingly, the sticky tape provided is pretty sturdy and strong! No signs of falling off.

The DIY-ed pins are simple and fuss-free. They can be pinned onto the blazers or blouse, as well as onto the hair (with hairbands or scrunchies) and layered jewellery. An elegant touch indeed! It's versatile and can be worn many ways, so it's great for travelling. Extremely light and easy to bring around too, so I'm definitely keeping one in my bag for an instant wardrobe refresher.

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