The Geeky Rabbit: ways to wear a plain white shirt

Saturday, May 12, 2012

ways to wear a plain white shirt

I was reading the latest issue of Steady magazine (June 2012) and came across this article. It provides tips on how to spice up a plain white button-up shirt a.k.a dress shirt. Thought it's very interesting and fun so I'd like to share about it here!

For the benefit of those who cannot read Japanese, here are some of the tips offered. Have fun experimenting!
  • tucking the shirt out
  • tucking the shirt in
  • adding a simple short necklace
  • cuffing the sleeves
  • wearing the shirt as an outerwear instead of a blouse
  • wearing a long necklace
  • throwing on a pullover
  • adding a scarf
  • wearing a belt to cinch the waist area
  • pinning on some brooches
  • pushing up the sleeves instead of folding them for a more casual look
  • unbuttoning the ends and tie a ribbon with the free ends
  • put on a cardigan over the shirt for a schoolgirl look
  • wearing the blouse over a dress

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