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Saturday, May 26, 2012

a must have for the handbag- foldable slippers

Something often overlooked- spare shoes! Have you ever encountered any accidents with your heels or even flats? For me, I haven't been so lucky. I had attended a friend's wedding in my velvet pumps, but soon after being caught in a heavy rain on the way to the venue, the soles of my pumps (yes, both sides!) gave way. Thankfully the heels were still intact, so I managed to peel off the entire plastic/rubber soles off both sides. It felt scratchy to walk around with the spoilt shoes, so after the wedding I headed straight for the shoe shop to get slippers so that I can journey comfortably around.

I got this idea from my traveling days. I used to have a couple of disposable slippers from various hotels stashed in my duffel bag. I decided to pick up foldable bedroom slippers at the local Daiso. They even come with a pouch!

When folded, these slippers can fit into any handbag or clutch (yes, they even fit into the tiny WOC). They are flat and can be easily squeezed into a tiny slot. With the drawstring pouch, it won't take up much space or scuff the other items in my bag. Sometimes I get a bit wary when I use leather wallets and am especially cautions when I put sharp or hard objects in my purse, but these slippers won't cause any damage.

It's something good to have in case of any emergency, and it's just as important as a portable sewing kit! Of course, I don't wish to have shoe mishaps, but you never know what can happen! Better to be safe, as always.

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