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Sunday, May 13, 2012

my collar collection

Just look at the number of collars I've accumulated over the past year! I've stashed all of them in my Marni for H&M box. Perfect size, just a tad snug at times. I've to be very careful when I tuck a new collar in.

As you can see, my collars are made of different materials. Beads, pearls, sequins, velvet, felt, lace and in both black and white. One trend I noticed is that ALL my collars are either black or white. No other hues. I do like how black/white goes with everything, hence I'm sticking with the monochrome selections. My favorite? Still the white pearl necklace/collar that I've featured earlier this year.

I've actually never worn some of the collars (after all, I have only one neck and can only wear one at a time). I've ben experimenting with different styles and mixing up textures and patterns to give a variety of outfit. Summer's a good time to experiment with different styles, and try out new things. I've a bunch of slightly more formal clothes that I've not worn for ages, so I'm hoping to spice them up and give them a new leash of life with these accessories. Can't wait!

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