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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my current carry-all

The bag that I've been using these days is the Lesportsac Medium Weekender. As much as the the name "weekender" suggests, the bag is not exceptionally big. It can fit perhaps a pair of jeans, a sweater and a top, but other than that it cannot hold a lot more than that.

I got mine in the Joyrich print. It's a limited edition from earlier this year. I like the glossy nylon fabric, as it is rather sturdy and can take the weight of my stuff. It even has nylon strips at the bottom of the bag and can keep the shape of the boston.

I love how it has a longer strap so I can sling it across my body. I can bring it out when I go out, and it's suitable when I head out to sports too. 

I always go for things that are versatile, so that I can use it for different purposes. One of the other Lesportsac bags that I like is the Everygirl bag. It comes in different sizes, so I am still trying to figure out which size is most suitable for my daily life.

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