The Geeky Rabbit: outfit of the day: uniqueen tweed

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

outfit of the day: uniqueen tweed

In this outfit, I matched the black tweed No. 5 from Uniqueen with a simple bright blue top and black peplum skirt for a formal look. I was having dinner out that day, so the outfit is polished enough for work and also suitable for going out. To keep the look simple, I didn't wear any accessories. Instead, I paired the black peplum skirt with a caramel-hued belt to hold the skirt up.

Clearly I'm a strong believer in jackets. The outerwear can make or break an outfit, and this set of tweed blazers is extremely versatile and easy to match. The light shimmery and glittery thread makes the outfit a little bit less serious and stern so it is suitable even for the nights out (as I had worn the blazer from work straight to play afterwards). It may be a bit a little bit warm for the tropical climate, but for cooler nights I definitely aprpeciate the warmth!

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