The Geeky Rabbit: protecting makeup tools and accessories from damage- DIY inspiration

Friday, May 25, 2012

protecting makeup tools and accessories from damage- DIY inspiration

I first got the idea of making little felt and suede pouches for my makeup compacts and accessories from my Chanel compacts. If you are familiar with the brand, you'd realize that all their items, be it compacts or brushes, come in a nifty little black velvet sleeve with the signature interlocking C's emblazoned. I thought it'd be great to protect my other compacts and stuff too. I had some of my compacts and brush handles scratched in my makeup pouch, so protecting them became my new mission.

This project needs very easily accessible materials. I like to use felt for its stiffness, but any other fabric would work. The little sleeve is  made by folding over a square or rectangular fabric cut to be 2x length of compact by 1x width of compact. The open ends can be sewn up after folding the fabric in half. I used my sewing machine for the stictches, but since its rather small, it can be done my hand too.

These sleeves are great for makeup protection! It also prevents the compacts from openig, thus minimizing spills. Shown here are the cases I made for my Two Faced Retractable Blush Brush, Harajuku for Tweezerman mini slant tweezers and Anna Sui lip pot. The sleeves can be customized to any color, shape and size too.

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