The Geeky Rabbit: something new in my makeup bag

Thursday, May 3, 2012

something new in my makeup bag

Yes, that's a macbook, and indeed there's an even smaller macbook on my macbook!

I call the tiny mac my baby mac. It's not a real computer per say, but it's a mirror in the shape of a macbook replica. I got it off ebay and it was rather affordable, around USD3. I thought it's a cool addition to my Apple products. baby mac is sitting snugly in my makeup bag now. I use it as a mirror on the go. It's extremely cute and when I whip it out when I'm out, I always get gasps of awe and fascination around me.

It's really nice to have a small piece of macbook wherever I go. The mirror works well as a stocking stuffer, as well as a present for mac and apple lovers. Definitely a very unique piece of item to satisfy the geek in me!

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