The Geeky Rabbit: switch up for a healthier fast food meal

Thursday, May 3, 2012

switch up for a healthier fast food meal

I've always enjoyed fast food as an occasional indulgence, but I do know that dining out at McDonalds isn't always the most healthy option. Over the past few days I had a craving for some savory bites, so I decided to gave a meal at McDs.

However, instead of the usual choice of fries and soda, I changed the sides to corn cup and a mocha freeze. Don't get me wrong- I know that the mocha freeze, which is laced with whipped cream, is extremely sinful and calorie-filled. The cup corn, on the other hand, is a better option than fries. I added a dash of margarine (or butter, not sure what is the gooey condiment that McD provides for the corn and pancakes) and salt to the corn. Delicious, and a refreshing change from fries!

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