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Sunday, June 3, 2012

accessory drawer and wardrobe saver

Humidity is always the bane in my closet. I'm quite a neat freak of sorts, so I get very anal about the cleanliness and condition of my clothes and accessories. One of my main  concern is ensuring that my items do not get moldy. I had all sorts of things growing mold- paper, cloth, leather. It's very disheartening especially when irreversible, permanent discoloration happens.

Mold grows best in dark and dank places. It's inevitable that some of my goodies to stay sheltered in the shelves and cupboards as excesive sun exposure will age the materials. Hence, I always make sure that my cupboards are free from moisture.

Using the huge dessicator pot is, at times insufficient. Those pots will absorb the water from the main areas and surrounding, but what about the moisture inside the bags? Or the water droplets from condensation inside the plastic boxes and wraps?

My solution is to put lots of little packets of silica dessicators inside my bags and boxes! It's a good way to help reduce the overall moisture. It may not completely remove all of the water, but it does help a lot! Most new bags and accessories do come with one or two small packs but it is barely sufficient.

I bought countless packets of these dessicators from Daiso. They come in large sheets of separate satchels, so the sheets can be cut up. The dessicators are not meant to be used forever though! Once the beads turn pink, they become saturated and lose their efficacy. You can either dry them out by sunning them (till they turn blue) or throw them out.

Do note that the silica inside the satchels are considered toxic, so please don't leave the packets lying around if you have little children in the house!
A closet saver indeed. I'm glad to have these little satchels protecting my goodies!

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