The Geeky Rabbit: arm candy- crystals, studs and braids

Friday, June 8, 2012

arm candy- crystals, studs and braids

Today, I decided to mix up three different types of leather in the form on my watch and bracelets. I wore my chunky huge Phosphor crystal watch- the iconic timepiece which is the best conversation starter at parties, or even at boutiques when I am shopping!- with my Bottega Veneta braided leather bracelet and Tory Burch wrapped bracelet. I mixed gold, silver and black hardware (the BV has black metal tags at the back). Even the texture of the leather varies from the braided weave to the smooth calfskin of the black watch strap and the brown textured leather of the wrap bracelet.

Mixing up different bracelets and watches is termed as arm candy, and it's extremely trendy these days. I tend to gravitate towards more chunky, rough-looking styles that is perhaps influenced by my biking lifestyle. I like how the crystal watch gives a girly, dainty and polished touch to the edgy arm candy look. I've even got a spiking bracelet that looks great with layering, but can be a bit uncomfortable to wear at times so I tend not to wear it as often. I've been wearing the Tory Burch wrap bracelet almost every day for the past week, and mixed it with different bracelets and watches.

Absolutely versatile!

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