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Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY bag base and shaper

I use my trusty pink Longchamp Le Pilage briefcase on a regular basis. I usually bring it with me on days that I'm not out with my Macbook Pro. It can hold quite a bit of files plus some little knick knacks like a water bottle or brolly for the rainy day. It's good to keep the briefcase in my larger totes when I'm out and about, since the briefcase is foldable.

However, one of the qualms I have with the Le Pilage series is that the fabric is kinda filmsy and lacks form. Thus, I've decided to make a bag shaper. I made use of the box of the Anna Sui mook and stuck the large A4-sized cardboard onto the thinner glossy box. It retains the shape well without being too heavy.

This is one useful way to make use of the packaging from the Japanese magazines and mooks. The mags and mooks usually come with very sturdy and pretty packaging, but it'd be a huge waste to discard these materials. Why not make bag shapers out of them? For smaller bags and other shapes, the cardstock can be trimmed to fit the required bag. For my project, the card is just right for the briefcase so I need not cut off any parts of the box.

The cardboard can be attached by using clear tape to stick the two pieces onto the two sides. It doesn't have to be an extremely meticulous task as the bag shaper is inside the bag. Hence, just ensure that you use enough tape to hold the cards together. No matter how unsightly the pasting job is, it'll be concealed in the bag so don't be afraid to slap on more tape to hold the cardboard!

The finished bag shaper fits nicely into the briefcase, and helps hold the shape well. No more droopy briefcase!

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