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Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY Hermès- Making the Jigé Clutch

I decided to make the Hermès Jigé over the weekend. The project took about slightly less than an hour to complete, and it was pretty fun! I'll be sharing about my DIY as well as the links for the templates.

The Jigé template is actually available for download on the Hermés website. There are five designs available- plan white, the blue one that I made as above, an elephant one, a bird and tree design and a colorful one. The pdfs can be downloaded here, here, here and here.

Image from Hermés

I actually printed the design on A3 so that the clutch will be pretty large. To ensure that the clutch will be durable, I stuck the A3 color print-out on a piece of PVC that I got from the craft store. I diligently covered the entire design with double-sided tape and pasted it on the PVC.

I was a bit careless, so a strand of my fallen hair got stuck between the PVC sheet and paper. It's on the inside, so it cannot really be seen after the clutch is completed.

To ensure that the design remains crease-free, do take note of the tape when you're layering it over. I accidentally let an air bubble between the PVC and paper, so in the process of pressing out the air bubble I caused a crease in the paper. It's not very obvious but does make the paper a bit bumpy. 
For the sides, I actually skipped adding the triangular place-holders that would give the clutch more depth. Instead, I used a heavy-duty stapler to secure the two open ends. My clutch is pretty flat, but so far it works pretty well for smaller items. It can hold quite a lot of things! My blackberry can fit into the clutch comfortably, along with some Kleenex, headphones and cards.
Overall, it was a pretty interesting and fun project. There's a few designs to choose from so I believe you can definitely find something to your liking! I do believe that using plain printing paper would make the clutch pretty fragile, and so heavy duty paper or PVC would be a better option. A4 is pretty tiny, unless you don't intend to put a lot of things. Of course, since it's still a paper clutch, the weight tolerance is limited. I like how it looks and I think it'll fit pretty well into my briefcase as a simple and eye-catching organizer.

Definitely something worth trying on a lazy, relaxing weekend!

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