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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leather belt storage ideas using felt

I actually got this idea from a particular brand of belts, whereby the belts are placed in a box that has a spiral cutout to hold the belt strap in place. With such a compartment, the belt strap will not be touching other parts of the leather. It's actually pretty useful to isolate the leather strap to ensure that it has more room to breath. Moreover, the wax will not get stuck together when the strap isn't wound up together.

Of course, most belts would not come with such a box, and would usually be placed in a dust bag or box. Hence, I decided to improvise a little. I cut a long piece of white felt measuring about 1m by 8cm, and curled it up along the belt strap as I "wound" the belt up and placed it in the original box. The felt can serve as a good wiping tool too, if you want to polish the buckle or wipe the belt clean before storing it. Moreover, since the felt is a porous fabric, it can help to absorb water, thus preventing the leather from getting moldy. How useful is that!

^ above: the original belt box with the strap separation

My suggestion is to use white felt to avoid color transfer to the leather, though any color of felt will work. My preference is of course to stick to safer colors like grey and white. Just in case there's any moisture and the felt dye runs, light colored leather might get color transfer.

Still loving the original box and concept, but those belts are rare and hard to come by. Hence making the best out of what I have for all my other belts! 

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