The Geeky Rabbit: Like a Dog Chasing Cars

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Like a Dog Chasing Cars

Have you ever had that sort of epic, awestruck feeling when you listen to a tune, and you feel inspired to work hard(er) and do something great? Or be a better person?

For me, the most inspiring tune that conjures such a feeling in me is Like a Dog Chasing Cars by Hans Zimmer. The tune is actually from the soundtrack of The Dark Knight. Epic movie with epic music.

When I'm down or feeling unmotivated or, on some occasions, just plain uninspired, I'll blast the tune and feel much better. It's amazing how music can soothe the soul and does wonders to the mood without any lyrics. That's what I call epic!

Find a soundtrack or song to motivate yourself, and play it when you need that extra boost. May seem like something small, but a little tune goes a long way!

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