The Geeky Rabbit: Ronald McDonald x Hello Kitty

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ronald McDonald x Hello Kitty

Today marks the release of the last of the Hello Kitty for MacDonald's plushie. I managed to get my own Ronald/Hello Kitty after queuing for an awfully long time! I think this should be the most popular of the four Hello Kitty, for the queue was even worse than the previous week's. Or perhaps by now, since it's the 21st day since the first Hello Kitty was released, more people are aware of the Kitties!

I love how bright and cheerful the Ronald HK looks. The red felt bow is so adorable! Ronald's usually a very masculine character, and like a jovial caring figure too. It's a refreshing touch to see it being 'cosplayed' by Hello Kitty as something so adorable and squee-able.

Hence, as you can tell, this Ronald Kitty is actually my favorite among the four. I have managed to collect all 4. They come in their plastic bags, and I've not opened any of them. However, it's a bit inconvenient to display as these Kitty cannot stand on their own. They are actually pretty flat for plushies. I'm planning to make a nice display box for them so that they can have a nice place to 'stay' in, and not collect dust on my dresser.

Sigh, I can never get enough of Hello Kitty!

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