The Geeky Rabbit: unboxing the laura mercier flawless face kit

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

unboxing the laura mercier flawless face kit

I got the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit a few weeks back. I had read so many reviews and raves about it in magazines such as Allure and Instyle (and I believe the face products actually won a few of the beauty awards!). The brand was recently launched in the local Sephora, so I decided to get the kit to try out the different products.

The kit comes packed neatly in a paper box, and inside the box there's a clear PVC pouch with black trimmings. The pouch houses all the products.

There's a two sponges and two brushes, which is pretty generous and also a tad unnecessary for someone who already has makeup brushes and sponges for the face. Nonetheless, the tools will be great for beginners who do not have all the tools!

Personally, I've tried the products inside the kit and I must say that it's really as good as the reviews say. One of the best thing is that I was lucky enough to have a kit that is the exact match to my skin tone. That was the real bonus. There were only two shades for the kit, so not everyone would be able to find something that matches their skin. Hence, if you manage to find the perfect color fit, the kit is a really good deal.

The primer does make my skin sting a little, as with all other brands of primers. It settles and dries relatively fast. The tinted moisturiser offers limited coverage, which is great for a dewy natural look. I usually would use powder foundation over it. The concealer kit is really handy, and has two different textures in one pot. One side is smoother while the other side is dry and abit clumpy. It's good to mix and try out different concoctions. I personally like concealer to be slightly drier so that it lasts longer, but for the undereye part I'll add abit more of the more liquidy concealer to make it less cakey.

I probably won't get another face kit though. When the products run out, I'd rather stock each of the finished items individually. Besides, I don't think I'll need another set of brushes and tools! Even this first set is completely unused and untouched. Good for trying out, so one is enough. The kit is a pretty nice way for me to try out many different products, and so far I'm definitely loving it!

Looking forward to try out more Laura Mercier goodies in future!

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