The Geeky Rabbit: July 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Unboxing the Clarisonic Mia2

Unboxing the Clarisonic Mia2 is such a thrill. I've been totally psyched to get started using it, but since it needs 24 hours for the first charge, I'll patiently wait for it to be ready! I carefully opened up my beloved package to uncover the goodies inside.

A treat to end the month- Clarisonic Mia 2 in Pink!

Something that I have been looking forward to has finally arrived! Sephora had been carrying the Clarisonic Mia 2 for some time, but only the white one was available. I had been waiting for the pink version to arrive as one of the kind sales assistant had told me that it'll be coming before August 2012. I was so thrilled to see this at Sephora earlier today, and I knew I had to get it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY gold wire bracelet

Yet another quest for more arm candy DIY. I tried out using gold-filled wires to make word bangles, and I'm quite pleased with the results! Hence a new addition to my barrage of homemade arm candy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

stickers for my motorbike helmet

I have been saving up my Tokidoki stickers for a few years (yes I'm that patient) and couldn't bear to use them. I initially thought of pasting them on my Macbook Pro, but I bought a Gelaskin for my laptop so the stickers were unnecessary. Had been very tempted to use them, but I couldn't think of what to do with these cute stickers. I want to put them to good use, and paste them on something that is precious to me. Some of these were purchased by me at a novelty shop, while others were gifts-with-purchase when I ordered my goodies from the tokidoki website.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What does 'brave' mean to you?

What does the word 'brave' mean to you? Often, it's linked to acts of valor. For me, it does have a different connotation. I'd like to share about one of the most inspiring woman that I've ever known. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage 101- converting clip-on earrings to secure studs


One of the best refurbishments that I have done is to convert my lovely pair of Chanel vintage earrings from clip-ons to post-backs without damaging the earrings or mutilating it. I love the look of the vintage turnlock design, but I'm quite wary when I wear clip-ons as I'm worried that they'll pop off easily. Moreover, having these heavy clip-ons on the lobes can be quite painful after a few hours. Hence, I decided to improvise a bit and I'm very proud of the result!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage 101- How to sanitize your vintage finds

I am, for one, a great lover of vintage pieces. I love hunting for exquisite pieces by my favorite designers, and I've managed to score a few goodies dating from the early 1990s. I am quite a slicker for hygiene, so I thoroughly cleanse my jewellery. Hence, I'll be sharing about some of the methods that I go about finding, scoring and refurbishing my vintage finds! One of my favorite chemicals? Surgical spirit definitely!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY pink and white nail art with a dash of lace

I love doing my own nail art, and owing to my extremely active lifestyle (in addition to the fact that I often wear gloves) I usually stick to 2D nail art. The nails for this week was inspired by a folder that I own. The theme was a  blend of white, pink and black with lots of girly prints. I decided to recreate the look on my nails!

DIY bag handle covers

This is a continuation of my previous sewing project. Earlier, I had made a handle cover for my Longchamp Le Pilage briefcase (click here to see the older post). This time, I finally got around to make a handle cover for my Marni x H&M jelly tote! I had been keeping the tote with me ever since I got it at the launch event earlier this year in March. With the handle cover done, I feel much more comfortable bringing the bag out. I always get worried about fabric handles fraying with use, hence the handle cover is a good way of preventing that and protects the handle really well.

Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY lanyard using your favorite ribbon

I was trying to think of what I could do with my extra ribbons from my favorite boutique. I had a bunch of these, and it was quite a pity to keep them stashed in my drawer unused. I came up with the idea of transforming the ribbons into pretty lanyards! I absolutely adore how the lanyards turned out to be. I even adorned the lanyard with a brooch that I had made previously out of the iconic Chanel camellias (link to the post here). Here's some ideas on how you can transform your favorite ribbon into functional lanyards!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jessica x Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Pouch

Earlier this month, I managed to pick up the July issue of Jessica magazine at the local bookstore. It's a Hong Kong fashion magazine that is widely known for the awesome gifts with purchase. Each month, the magazine will work with a renowned company for their promotions, and I was extremely excited to be able to get a copy of the July Issue! It comes bundled with a Benefit makeup pouch with the new Ultra Plush Lip Gloss print on the front of the pouch. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

arm candy deluge- gold and silver bangle DIY

Been really crazy about making arm candy these days, and I decided to juxtapose the materials by adding heart-shaped Swarovski crystals to the design! Absolutely adore the brilliance of the Swarovski crystals. I chose the Copper and Clear AB heart 10mm crystals to match with my gold and silver bangle design.

It's been a great accomplishment to expand my arm candy collection so that I have bracelets to match every outfit. Of course, I'm still trying to brainstorm more ideas to make cute bangles and bracelets.

I'm actually considering expanding the collection, and the possibility of making this available for sale and customization. Definitely something I'd like to do in the near future! But till then, the experimentation continues (with my everyday outfit and looks used to test the looks and garnering feedback from the people around me).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arm Candy- all DIY-ed and ready to go!

I've been extremely busy these days, and with the recent gloomy weather, even the little basic routines can get a bit dreary. However, I'm quite happy and motivated these days so things are good! During my rare moments of spare time, I channelled my energy to make lots and lots of arm candy in different colors to match my outfits. Of course, I make sure I have a whole array of colors to pick from so that I can mix and match the bracelets with every possible outfit permutation.

I've already made a whole lot of stackable bracelets, and I was extremely excited to wear them out. In this combination, I've 3 of my handmade bracelets with my watch. I was wearing a green dress (not shown here) so the bracelets went perfectly with the outfit. I love how the pastel blue and green goes so well together, and the purple-gold braids of the third bracelet adds a pop of dimension to the whole arm-candy look.

I'm definitely looking forward to make more combinations and expand my personal collection of arm candy. I feel quite accomplished making cute little bracelets, and my DIY skills have improved too.

More arm candies coming up!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Biking Style

Being an avid biker does mean that some of the style bleeds into my daily life. I like to mish mash my style with a bit of spunk once in a while. I recently got a very pretty cap from Harley Davidson. A renowed brand for its huge bikes, the brand also offers chic apparel that's suitable for daily wear. I like how the cap has a blend of crystals and pearls. Gives the raw edge a feminine touch indeed! I like to pair it with jeans and boots, with a frilly top for a good dose of girlyness and funk. [click to show more/ hide]

Of course, since it's the summer season, I tend to wear a lot of hats and caps when I'm out and about. I wear sunglasses when I'm outdoors, but nothing beats having a hat to get a quick shade from the blinding sunlight!

It's definitely time to bring out my hats for some summer fun! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Colgate Party @ Skyve

I had the privilege to attend the Colgate Party organized by Nuffnang. The event was held at Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar. It was a quaint little joint tucked cosily in a quiet corner of town. It wasn't as hard to find as I had imagined (Google Maps made it look a bit more deceivingly out of the way than expected). The exterior of the cafe was extremely green and lush. It's a good way for a quick urban escape in town!