The Geeky Rabbit: Arm Candy- all DIY-ed and ready to go!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arm Candy- all DIY-ed and ready to go!

I've been extremely busy these days, and with the recent gloomy weather, even the little basic routines can get a bit dreary. However, I'm quite happy and motivated these days so things are good! During my rare moments of spare time, I channelled my energy to make lots and lots of arm candy in different colors to match my outfits. Of course, I make sure I have a whole array of colors to pick from so that I can mix and match the bracelets with every possible outfit permutation.

I've already made a whole lot of stackable bracelets, and I was extremely excited to wear them out. In this combination, I've 3 of my handmade bracelets with my watch. I was wearing a green dress (not shown here) so the bracelets went perfectly with the outfit. I love how the pastel blue and green goes so well together, and the purple-gold braids of the third bracelet adds a pop of dimension to the whole arm-candy look.

I'm definitely looking forward to make more combinations and expand my personal collection of arm candy. I feel quite accomplished making cute little bracelets, and my DIY skills have improved too.

More arm candies coming up!

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