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Monday, July 2, 2012

Colgate Party @ Skyve

I had the privilege to attend the Colgate Party organized by Nuffnang. The event was held at Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar. It was a quaint little joint tucked cosily in a quiet corner of town. It wasn't as hard to find as I had imagined (Google Maps made it look a bit more deceivingly out of the way than expected). The exterior of the cafe was extremely green and lush. It's a good way for a quick urban escape in town!

It was a lovely place, with capacity of about 100+. The bar area was dimly lit and quietly classy, and the people at the Bar were very friendly and nice too. I chatted with them briefly and asked about the food selection available too, and I definitely would be back in future!

As I had posted in an earlier entry, I did my nails for the Colgate theme. The colors were red and white, so the polka dots and ribbon was a perfect combination for the party. If only I was able to make 3D models of little teeth and toothbrushes!

The event was aimed to create awareness about good teeth maintenance and oral hygiene habits. I personally am a Colgate user, and have been using their toothbrushes since I was young. Their new SlimSoft Series promises to be as effective as floss due to the thin fibre used.

Before the event started, adorable little cupcakes were served. I was quite delighted to try them. Just look at how cute the decor is! I ate this poor little tooth-shaped cupcake. It was very delicious- not too sweet, and the chocolate filling in the cake was very well-made.

The guests (me included) received samples of Colgate products, and I also won some products in a contest too. It was a great experience, and the food served were delectable. The finger food- literally, since there were no cutlery or plates provided- were extremely dainty and pretty! The salmon and prawn bites were the most savory of them all. I love the brownie too- not too sweet, and just the right pinch of bitterness in the smooth chocolate.

It was great to meet the bloggers at the event, many of whom were actually my schoolmates. I had a wonderful time mingling and making friends there too! The event was extremely well organized and held at a great location too. Kudos to the Nuffnang and Colgate crew!

It was, indeed, a wonderful Saturday afternoon of great food and making new friends!

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