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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY bag handle covers

This is a continuation of my previous sewing project. Earlier, I had made a handle cover for my Longchamp Le Pilage briefcase (click here to see the older post). This time, I finally got around to make a handle cover for my Marni x H&M jelly tote! I had been keeping the tote with me ever since I got it at the launch event earlier this year in March. With the handle cover done, I feel much more comfortable bringing the bag out. I always get worried about fabric handles fraying with use, hence the handle cover is a good way of preventing that and protects the handle really well.

I made the handle using brown jacket zips I got at the craft store and brown felt. I love how plush the felt handles feel- absolutely comfortable and not too slippery to grip! The brown goes very well with the color scheme of the bag too.

Since I cut off most parts of the zip (couldn't find shorter ones at my local craft shop as they were probably sold out), I needed something to block the plastic zipper head from popping off the raw edge. My solution? Using my trusty little safety pins to block the zip! Effective and nifty indeed, plus they can be easily removed when I want to take the handle covers off.

Look at how nicely the muted brown tones match!

I'm definitely more adept at making handle covers, and this job is certainly better than the previous one. I made the handle more quickly- about 30 minutes for the set. With my experience, I could also measure the felt more accurately, so I did not need to re-cut and readjust the zip positions many times before deciding on where to sew. I won't say that the sewing job is perfect- just look at the slightly uneven stitches and the lose thread popping out! However, the handle is definitely holding up well and is very sturdy with the double-up sewing.

Form and functionality, along with a dash of style. Always love to make practical and useful DIY items that aren't just pretty accessories!


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