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Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY lanyard using your favorite ribbon

I was trying to think of what I could do with my extra ribbons from my favorite boutique. I had a bunch of these, and it was quite a pity to keep them stashed in my drawer unused. I came up with the idea of transforming the ribbons into pretty lanyards! I absolutely adore how the lanyards turned out to be. I even adorned the lanyard with a brooch that I had made previously out of the iconic Chanel camellias (link to the post here). Here's some ideas on how you can transform your favorite ribbon into functional lanyards!

I didn't need to buy the lanyard hooks as I used some of the old ones I had from old conference lanyards. I took one of the old ones and snipped off the ribbon to obtain the metal D-ring and lobster clasp.

I had a few different old lanyards, so I decided to pick one with an attached handphone holder. You can also choose to use one without the handphone holder. This one below is the most basic metal D-ring design that is commonly used for the conference lanyards. If you do not have any old lanyards to spare, you can easily find these at the local hardware store or stationery shops.

The other materials needed are lots of ribbons (around 1meter to play around with, but depends on how long your lanyard is), and of course thread and needle. Personally, I used a sewing machine to expedite the sewing.

I also used the Chanel camellia pin the I had made earlier. This is totally optional, but can give your lanyard a more dressy look!

The first step is to measure the length of ribbon you want and add an extra 2 inches for sewing allowance. After cutting the ribbon, loop the ends through the D-ring and hold it securely. Once the desired length is confirmed, you can sew it up using needle and thread or with a sewing machine. I used black thread over white ribbon to illustrate the sewing, but you can always use white thread so that the line will not be obvious.

 Sew the ribbon together several times to ensure that it is sturdy. As you can see, in addition to sewing the ribbons across, I even sewed the ribbon together using the box stitches for extra precaution.

After the sewing is done, I pinned the camellia onto the ribbon to conceal the D-ring and the black threads.

Ta-da! The whole lanyard when viewed from the front!

You can play around with different ribbons, and let your imagination run while! Adding a flower brooch is a simple way of making the lanyard more unique. You can also add other pins and clips to it, though do note of the size and material of the things you add onto the lanyard. The flower pin was pretty light and unobstructive, but other metal pins can potentially weigh the entire lanyard down!

A great way to up-cycle my favorite ribbons and to put them to good use!

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