The Geeky Rabbit: stickers for my motorbike helmet

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

stickers for my motorbike helmet

I have been saving up my Tokidoki stickers for a few years (yes I'm that patient) and couldn't bear to use them. I initially thought of pasting them on my Macbook Pro, but I bought a Gelaskin for my laptop so the stickers were unnecessary. Had been very tempted to use them, but I couldn't think of what to do with these cute stickers. I want to put them to good use, and paste them on something that is precious to me. Some of these were purchased by me at a novelty shop, while others were gifts-with-purchase when I ordered my goodies from the tokidoki website.

I finally know where I can paste them- on my motorbike helmet! It'll look quite different from the usual helmets, but it's a nice and fun way to customise and decorate my helmet without compromising on safety. The stickers will look rather discrete from far, but upclose the motifs will be visible.

Can't wait to decorate my new helmet!


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