The Geeky Rabbit: Vintage 101- converting clip-on earrings to secure studs

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage 101- converting clip-on earrings to secure studs


One of the best refurbishments that I have done is to convert my lovely pair of Chanel vintage earrings from clip-ons to post-backs without damaging the earrings or mutilating it. I love the look of the vintage turnlock design, but I'm quite wary when I wear clip-ons as I'm worried that they'll pop off easily. Moreover, having these heavy clip-ons on the lobes can be quite painful after a few hours. Hence, I decided to improvise a bit and I'm very proud of the result!

I bought some post-backs from the craft store and glued them onto the metal plating that marks where the earring sits on the center of the ear lobe. The post-backs were quite long, so I trimmed the metal "sticks" with my wire cutters. 

Pasting the post-back on the earring was not an easy task. Do note that most clip-on earrings have a hole in the clip, so I made sure that the post would fit right into the whole when I close the clip. As such, the clip can still be opened and closed without snapping on the metal post.

I used epoxy glue to stick the studs on securely. The epoxy, when dried, will be extremely sturdy, thus you will not need to worry about the post-backs falling off. However, do make sure that the position of the post-back is right when you glue it on. The epoxy takes some time to dry- depending on the type, it can be 5 minutes or even as long as 5 hours. Hence, make sure that the backing is at the right place as the glue starts to harden and cure.

As seen here, using craft foam to illustrate the thickness of the ear lobes, the earrings will be secure and won't pop off the ear lobes easily! The post-back is barely visible from the front too. 

If you want to make the earrings more cushioned and comfy, you can still use the white rubber backings that come with clip-on earrings (mine were newly replaced as I had discarded the original ones that were quite yellowed and old). However, they need to have a small hole impaled through the center so that the post can fit through. This can be done easily as the rubber backings are quite thin and malleable, so using a needle can easily do the job.

I'm so pleased with the results and can't wait to wear my turnlock earrings out! Do note that the earrings may be a bit tight, so if it's very painful, you can always loosen the lever with a plier by bring the metal lever outwards. This will make the snap closure looser and less harsh on the ear lobes.

Making my goodies fit my lifestyle is something that I enjoy doing. This is an instance of how I would use a simple tweak to make life for comfortable and yet still be fashionable and enjoy all things pretty.



saltvinegar said...

Aww love the vintage Chanel.. i guess back in those days not many people have piercings? Great improv though!

The Geeky Rabbit said...

Thanks! These clip-ons are quite heavy so I don't really dare to wear them without the earsticks in case they fall off. At least now it's safer :)

Susan said...

Do you still wear these earrings? Has the post made them more comfortable for all day wear?

The Geeky Rabbit said...

Hi I do wear them from time to time, but not often as they are vintage. The post helps quite a bit as the clip does not have to be super tight for the earring to stay on