The Geeky Rabbit: What does 'brave' mean to you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What does 'brave' mean to you?

What does the word 'brave' mean to you? Often, it's linked to acts of valor. For me, it does have a different connotation. I'd like to share about one of the most inspiring woman that I've ever known. 


She is Anita Borg, and she was a computer scientist. She passed away in 2003, which is almost a decade ago. I wished I had a chance to meet her. It is unusually rare for women to be in the field of computer science, and let alone be successful. I find her spirit and perseverance very inspiring. It is an unconventional form of bravery.

The most memorable situation that inspired me was how she continued to be extremely active in promoting engineering despite having cancer. She started the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, and aimed to increase the awareness of engineering among women. She pressed on even to her later years, and touched many girls with her bravery and courage in such a male-dominated field. I was definitely very inspired by her and her work. She is definitely the bravest women in the field of CS, as she broke the stereotype of how computer engineering and computer science is generally an area that men excel in. She wasn't afraid to share her ideas and continues to inspire and help girls in technology. She broke all the barriers for girls to entire a previously unthreaded path.

I personally had been involved with some of the organization's activities, and I always actively promote science and engineering among girls. I will always remember how she helped to revolutionize the field of CS, and her unwavering belief that women can be successful in CS too. She has always aimed to increase the women in CS, and I hope to be able to contribute to such a cause too.

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