The Geeky Rabbit: H&M hair cuff galore!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

H&M hair cuff galore!

Updated: Pink hair cuffs spotted here!

I popped by H&M when I was in town the other day, and oh golly, there were so many hair cuffs available! Remember the leopard-print one that I had featured in my previous DIY inspiration post here? Apparently there are more different patterns on top of leopard print! I was so thrilled to find the designs and was very tempted to get all of them. But after much contemplation, I only got one.

The one shown above is actually a gold hair cuff with lost of crystals. It's a lovely piece but a tad too heavy for my liking.

Saw many many zebra-printed hair cuffs as well. DIY idea on the way!

Finally settled for this gold hair cuff. It has huge studs all over the cuff, and I love the lightly funky vibe. It's a good twist to the plain gold hair cuff that I already have!


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