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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Tin Mints

When I was at the mall earlier this week to restock on the groceries, I chanced upon the new Hello Kitty mints. I can't pass on anything Hello Kitty, so I got two of them!

 There's actually a bunch of different colors for the ribbon, but I chose the fushia and red ones as I thought they look more "Hello Kitty". The colors actually indicate the flavor, so the ones I got had cherry and strawberry mints.

The tins are quite small, so they can fit neatly into any bag or even clutch! I love having some candy on the go- you never know when your breath may need an emergency perk-me-up. Besides, when my stomach is growling, having something sweet will act as a temporary hunger cure.

I actually collect tin mints and recycle them. I don't wash them with soap and water since they are genrally clean. Instead, I'd wipe the tins with sanitizing wipes. I don't use them for candy; instead, I use them to store little trinkets especially fragile rings (talk about the ceramic ones that need more protection!). They're really useful for protecting the trinkets and jewellery in the handbag, and I like to use them when I go swimming or hit the gym. I generally don't wear any accessories other than my rubber-strapped watch when I'm working out.

I'm especially fond of the nerdy Hello Kitty- puts a smile on my face as I look at it while doing work!

Sigh, as always, anything Hello Kitty will definitely catch my attention!


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