The Geeky Rabbit: My first Lush mask: Brazened Honey

Friday, August 17, 2012

My first Lush mask: Brazened Honey

I got my first Lush mask last week and I was pretty excited about it! I do pop by Lush from time to time, but I don't usually get much as most of the stuff are too... fancy for my liking. I'm not a bath person, and I only use the solid shampoo and conditioner when I work out at the gym or go swimming (those are really handy and easy to bring out, and they don't spill- less mess!).

I was so thrilled to see that they had restocked their mask, and after some help from the SA, I picked up the one called Brazened Honey.

The mask does not smell like honey. Instead, it smells of lemon and mint, and gives a good kick to the skin! Absolutely refreshing! It looks like hollandaise sauce, and smells a bit like it too due to the lemon. The texture is quite rough and grainy though, as it's an exfoliating mask.

See how yummy it looks! One pot is pretty huge for someone like me who doesn't do masks that often. Since the mask expires in a month, I actually took more effort to do more masks. I usually do it once a week but at this rate, I'll never use the pot up on time. Hence, I'm using the mask every other day and hopefully it'll hit pan by early September. The photo above actually shows the amount left after four uses. It's really a lot of mask! Unless I've really been doing it wrong and use too little at a time... I usually slather on a layer, then wait for it to dry and harden naturally. I'll splash a bit of water on my face and massage the crumbs on my skin (especially focusing on the nose and around the eyebrows,, where there usually has a lot of dead skin) before washing it all off.

I was tempted to get more masks. There were 6 available, but I will never use up the masks before they expire. Hence, I stuck to the Brazened Honey one. I like the blackcurrant one too, but I had to limit myself to one pot!

The masks had to be refrigerated, so I would suggest that if you're out shopping, you can get it at the end of the trip. Another option is to put the pot in a ziplock bag with a bit of ice (they have it in the store) but you'd have to get your own ziplock bag... and it can get pretty messy if the water leaks after the ice melts.

One of the qualms I have is of course, the fact that the mask has to be refrigerated. It gives the skin a cooling and tingling sensation which is absolutely addictive, but this also means that the mask has to be used at home. It's hard to bring it around when I'm out and about or if I intend to travel, so thats's a drawback. The trade-off between freshness and portability!


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