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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tsumori Chisato Fall 2012 Mook

I had been looking forward to the Tsumori Chisato mook (or magazine-book) to be released in the local bookshop, and I was so thrilled to spot this last week! Given that the brand is highly sought after and considerably rare, I wasn't surprised that there were only two copies of the mook left when I reached the bookshop. I snapped it up immediately and took advantage of the 20% discount. This is definitely one of the best mooks of the year! I was very excited to check out the mook...

I still can't bear to open the package that contains the wallet itself. The wallet is included with the mook, and I love the gold tone of it. I do hope that the gold doesn't fade too easily, as I had pretty bad experiences with various badly plated accessories. So hopefully it won't rust/tarnish/decolor!

I'm definitely keeping the plastic bag that encases the wallet. Just look at the little kitty motif!

The mook shows how you can make sue of the wallet. It's actually pretty huge, so you can put cards stuff in. I'm probably not using it was a wallet for my cards and cash, but as a small accessory case for my little knick knacks and phone earpiece.

The mook also shows the matchup with the previous installment of the brand supplement, which is a tote bag. I did not purchase the previous mook as I already have too many mook supplement tote bags. I do like mook tote bags and carry it around when I go for sports or as additional shopping bag. I'm trying hard to downsize my wardrobe, so I must resist getting all the adorable stuff.

The mook has some pretty nice fashion spreads for fall and winter, and one of the accessories that caught my eye is this furry collar with a tie. I'm a huge fan of collars (as seen from these posts), and this is something that I've not seen around town. Definitely something worth DIY-ing and I might possibly try it if I can find some affordable faux fur trimmings! I can find decent ties at the local thrift stores and outlets.

There are a few upcoming mooks that I am looking forward to, so I'm keeping a lookout for them in the coming weeks!


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